SESUN Activities

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Start-ups who join our SESUN network will get to enjoy these benefits:

Committee Meetings 

The committee meetings gives an opportunity for start-up companies to come together to brainstorm and share their feedback on challenges they face as a start-up. The committee meetings are also an opportunity for them to find solutions to their existing challenges and climb the ladder up towards Singapore’s clean energy ecosystem. 

Networking Events 

SESUN provides networking opportunities for start-ups through various events organised specially for start-ups to network with other associations and organisations, companies who are adopters of energy or services. Start-ups will also be introduced to featured speakers who will inspire and share their knowledge. These events help the start-ups expand their network and rise in the industry seamlessly. 

Legal Clinics

The legal clinic will take place as a complimentary 30-minute consultation which will serve as a platform for start-ups to share the legal issues they are facing or to clear any uncertainty they may have with regards to contracts. 

Criteria to take part in the Complimentary Legal Clinics session:

a. Sign up to SESUN network

b. This is open to Start-ups only

c. Be engaged in business or activities involved in or related to sustainable energy

Connect to Government Bodies & Agencies

SESUN will identify start-up companies to grow strategic partnerships with government (eg ESG), IHL (eg ERIAN), sponsors and funders.


Participate in PowerACE

Are you an energy start-up who is designing and building solutions that are transforming energy for the future? Join our competition!

Participate in iPitch 

iPitch is an investor pitching, organised by SESUN in partnership with NTU’s Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy. Start-ups will pitch to venture capitalists and investors who will be taking part in this event.


SESUN Training

Custom built training programmes such as fund raising, investor pitching and project development programmes.