SESUN Activities

What SEAS offers Start-Ups

1. SESUN Basic Programme

SEAS offers the following complimentary activities for start-ups:

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 Fill up a standard form HERE, giving us your details and areas of interest and you are already a part of SEAS ecosystem and can have access to our committee meetings, networking events, legal clinics, invited speakers and more. 


2. SESUN Growth Programme


  • Identify problem statements with companies and institutions
  • Present start-ups to potential test-beds
  • Matching start-ups with potential test-beds
  • Follow up and outcomes


  • Creating a network of subject specific mentors to guide & advise the start-ups;
  • Start-ups can benefit from the technical and market knowledge expertise of these energy experts
  • Technology will be used to engage mentors with start-ups


  • Custom built training programmes such as fund raising, investor pitching and project development programmes

Investor Access

  • Organise investor pitches
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Access to R&D Facilities

  • Partnering with Research Institute that will provide R&D Facilities


Join SEAS as an individual/ corporate member with a fee and you will be able to access our testbed partners, investing partners, mentors and R & D partners. Click HERE to join.