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Singapore Renewable Energy Training


As a small and resource-constrained country, Singapore has been dependant on other stakeholders for food, water and business. The absence of an adequate number of renewable energy options has influenced the need for innovation and creativity in the deployment of renewable energy.The SEAS Sustainable Energy Training Programmes have been well-received by many international and local participants since their establishment in 2007. As an energy training and programmes facilitator based in Singapore with huge series of insightful and enriching training courses, our series of renewable energy programmes are geared towards enhancing innovation the development of renewable energy in our nation.
Our competent trainers have successfully executed a multitude of energy projects with varying complexities and demands in Singapore and abroad. With paper qualifications and industrial experience in Singapore and overseas, our trainers have been adequately prepped to give all participants an informative and useful training course about renewable energy. They bring their collective knowledge to our classrooms through the encouragement of creative thinking and facilitation of interactive learning.


SEAS has even managed to collate numerous testimonials from participants. Testimonials from the highly successful Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) programme has demonstrated the ability of training courses to empower personnel to innovate in the area of renewable energy. Our courses have granted all participants relevant knowledge about energy in Singapore.
In an effort to further facilitate innovation in renewable energy, the SEAS Sustainable Energy Training Programmes will expand to the region. New programmes will be developed for professionals outside the sustainable energy industry.