Nilesh Y. Jadhav, Energy Research Programme Manager, Nanyang Technological University

SEAS connects various companies in the Energy and Sustainability’ sector and provides opportunities to find potential industry research partners. Through SEAS events and meetings, we have been able to share some of our research. We look forward to deeper interactions with potential industry partners and the opportunity to explore joint technology commercialization and training activities.

Colin Koh, Precicon D&C Senior Business Manager

The SEAS secretariat works hard to provide valuable services and generate business opportunities that helped our business to grow. Precicon D&C has been a member since SEAS’s inception. Being a member of this proactive organization has kept us up to date with the latest trends in Singapore and across the region. We hope SEAS will keep coming up with ‘innovative services’ for its members.

Frederick Lim, Cofely Southeast Asia Business Development Manager

SEAS membership has proved very worthwhile. I am grateful for the business opportunities, the local and regional networks, seminars and weekly updates. Most importantly, the committee meetings allow stakeholders to share insightful information and discuss the industry’s future direction. I am looking forward to more events to maximize the members’ exposure.

Frederic Crampe, ReEx Capital Asia Managing Director for Energy Efficiency

I was fully satisfied the logistics, classroom environment and quality of the academics. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend the experience.

Harun Laban, La Societa Technica Director

I gained ‘new knowledge and insights in many aspects of Energy Management’ in just three days by taking the Certified Energy Manager course. The trainers did ‘an excellent job’ in covering the important and relevant topics. ‘I would really recommend this course for those aspiring to improve their skills in Energy Management.’

Mr Alon Shaham, CEO, Belectric Southeast Asia

I have attended a few conferences in my career, and ACES was certainly well organised - providing top notch, high quality content at an internationally recognised venue.

Dr Henri Winand, CEO, Intelligent Energy

It was an important conference looking to anticipate what “new energy” mapped onto Asia looks like, what it means in terms of infrastructures and more. It was particularly interesting to hear from European utilities and technology providers who are already deeply impacted and have no choice but to offer more distributed power, efficiency, etc.

Vincent Perez, CEO, Altenergy

The conference was superbly organised, the numerous exhibits were extensive and the event venue was ideal.

Yang Tongtong, Public Affairs, Trina Solar

ACES provided Trina Solar a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with industrial leaders and partners. It is worth mentioning that the topics discussed at the Clean Energy Leader’s Dialogue are very constructive and forward-looking, which is exactly what we have been working on. We appreciate this platform and look forward to participating again.

Torgeir Ulset, Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific Region, REC

This is our third time participating in Asia Clean Energy Summit and we have received positive feedback from customers and prospects. As REC strives towards greater innovation for the solar industry, we have also found this event to be a great platform to educate, engage and, more importantly, establish our brand with buyers.

Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Energy Economist at the Institute of Energy, Vietnam

This workshop comes at a good time because we are preparing an integrated energy master plan this year which includes not only supply side but demand side issues. Thus we may use what we learnt in the workshop to propose an energy efficiency roadmap within the master plan

Roohul Amin, Director of Public Policy Formulation at the Administrative Office of the President, Afghanistan

[The site visit to UWCSEA] was extremely inspiring, very impressive that gave me great ideas to consider while we build institutes and government building(s)

Bobby Naimawi, Chief Financial Officer, Fiji Electricity Authority

Excellent workshop with balanced hands on “classroom” learning to outcome driven filed trip to REC. My sincere appreciation to the sponsors, the facilitators and moderator for a job well done

Fazlur Rahman Hassan, Task Force for Accelerating the Development of New and Renewable Energy (P2EBT), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia

The workshop topics were relevant, and the speakers at the Asia Clean Energy Summit were knowledgeable. The participants managed to learn a lot

Chan Visal, Senior Officer oof Rurall Electrification Fund, Cambodia

This workshop provided many good knowledge about offgid sectors and lead to give energy access for people in remote areas

Rizki Wahyuni Asikin, Engneer of Alternative Enegy, PT PLN (PERSERO), Indonesia

I love workshops at SECOE because it provides many case studies from other countries that are adaptable to similar projects in my own country, Indonesia. The ideas from the workshops are highly recommended and related for implementation in Asian Countries.

Domigo S. Santiago Jr., Principal Engineer, National Electrification Administration, Philippines

We have gained new learnings/ideas that could be applied in the Philippines with the necessary assistance from international financing institutions.

D Nulushka Ariyapala Electrical Engineer, Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka

Well organised and eye opening workshop.

Emir Nurov, CEO & Co-Founder, Resync Technologies Pte Ltd

One of the main reasons why we established our company in Singapore is because Singapore is always on the forefront of adopting new technologies, with the help of SEAS we managed to engage certain customers

Carlo Figa Talamanca, Founder & CEO, OTAGO Pte Ltd

PowerACE was a great event and excellent organization where everything was taken care for, so all I needed to do was just prepare at best to promote my business.

Elodie Hecq, Head of Sales, BeeBryte

Amazing experience among some of the best startups in the energy sector at PowerACE 2019. Definitely an honor to be recognized as one of them!

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