PowerACE 2020

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Asia's leading pitching competition for start-ups in the energy sector is back with an all-new virtual setup.

Catered for start-ups either working directly in the energy sector or provide support to companies in the energy industry; PowerACE is the go-to event involving all players of the energy start-up ecosystem.

Boasting an all-new virtual set-up or its 3rd edition, PowerACE 2020 saw a total of 60 entries from over 25 countries. In the end, twelve finalists from the pool of applicants were selected and were given a month-long mentorship opportunity with some of the most established financers and leaders in the sustainable energy industry as well as the chance to win over $100,000 worth of prizes from our sponsors EcoLabs, Center of Innovation for Energy and the Private Financing Network Advisory (PFAN). 

Presenting their innovations and solutions over 5 key themes to a panel of esteemed judges from the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Private Financing Network (PFAN), and EcoLabs Center of Innovation for Energy, the top 12 finalists went head to head at the Asia Clean Energy Summit 2020 on the 28th of October.

Viewed by over 200 business executives and leaders globally, the PowerACE virtual platform further allowed the finalists to network and share their innovations and solutions for transforming the energy ecosystem with other like-minded business leaders and investors.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporting and partner organisations, as well as all participating start-ups for another exciting edition of PowerACE. 

If you are a founder or an owner of a sustainable energy start-up, join us on our Sustainable Energy Startup Network (SESUN) and unlock opportunities to connect and network with other entrepreneurs and c-suite executives in the energy ecosystem!
For more information visit: https://www.seas.org.sg/start-up-network to learn more!







"PowerACE is helping to bridge the gap between startups and corporates by giving an avenue to present cutting edge technologies in energy space. We are excited to be the winner of this year's competition and we are looking forward to scale our solution in Singapore and worldwide."

- Mr Emir Nurov, CEO & Co-Founder of Resync Technologies Pte Ltd