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 Are you an energy start-up who is designing and building solutions that are transforming energy for the future? We want to hear from you!



PowerACE is a pitching competition for start-ups either working directly in the energy sector or which provide support to companies in the energy industry and wants to involve all players of the energy start-up ecosystem. It is an ideal platform for sharing ideas and innovations with investors and large corporations looking to supplement their existing business.  

There are 12 innovation pods for start-ups to exhibit at Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) this year. Start-ups will be included on the event website and will have a physical presence on the show floor where there will be many opportunities to connect and exchange ideas with the incumbents in the industry, meet with potential investors and scout for the right professionals who can enable evolution from start-up to scale up! 

In addition, the chosen start-ups will be given mentoring by industry professionals to help them to refine their business models and pitches over the period of 1 month. 


Key themes and solutions covered: 

Selected start-ups will also have access to the following promotional aids for maximum exposure:  


Start-ups will be matched with a suitable mentor who is an experienced industry professional. They will receive at least 2 sessions of mentoring, each lasting at least 2 hours. 


Eligibility Criteria: 

Maximum 5 years since creation of the company 

Maximum 5 Million SGD funding received  


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