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SK Ecoplant Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch

We are SK ecoplant Co., Ltd, former SK Engineering & Construction(Since 1977), the building arm of South Korea’s third-largest conglomerate SK Group. In 2021 we officially changed our corporate name to “SK ecoplant” as part of the group’s effort to enhance ESG(Environmental, social, and governance) management. Through this, we intend to not only solidify our leading position in the domestic market, but also diversify the market overseas to be the No. 1 global fuel cell company. At the same time, we are geared up for speedy advancement into the hydrogen industry ecosystem and preoccupying the hydrogen market with green hydrogen production based on SOEC(solid oxide electrolyser cell) technology . Based on eco-friendly energy technologies, SK ecoplant provides innovative, carbon-neutral solutions that solve global warming problems. In the fuel cell business, established 'Bloom SK Fuel Cell', a domestic joint corporation, in January 2020 with Bloom Energy in the US, which has the highest efficiency fuel cell (SOFC) technology. This has enabled us to expand localization and secure LCOE competitiveness. SOFC works on the principle of electrochemical conversion device that produces electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel. Due to their extremely high electrical efficiencies and low operating costs, SOFCs are emerging as a fast-growing fuel cell segment from use as auxiliary power units for stationary power generation. We have a registered branch office in Singapore , SK ecoplant Co., Ltd. (Singapore Branch) and completed several EPC projects in Singapore. For the new SOFC business we are in active discussion with several business partners in Singapore offering them innovative solutions for their power generation with reduced carbon emissions. We are keen to apply as a full-time member in SEAS where we can expand, promote and contribute innovative carbon-neutral solutions to potential business partners.

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