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1. Who is FRACSIO? We are a FinTech company headquartered in Singapore and have a strong presence in Silicon Valley in the US and Southeast Asia. Founders of FRACSIO are entrepreneurs with proven track records and experiences in starting and growing high-tech businesses from early stages to exits via M&A and public listing. 2. What does FRACSIO do? Our mission is to transform the ways in Owning, Financing, Investing, and Trading of real-world assets - like real estate properties, infrastructures, renewable energy systems, etc. – and make them accessible and affordable to everyone. We offer an end-to-end “LIQUIDITY, FINANCING, and INVESTING” platform, that consists of Security Token Offering (STO), Asset Management, and a Decentralized Marketplace of Investment Products, that are built on blockchain, Decentralized Applications (DApps), and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 3. Who are your customers? ASSET OWNERS of traditionally illiquid assets - commercial buildings, resorts, farms, solar photovoltaic systems, industrial complexes, etc. INSTITUTIONAL, ACCREDITED, and RETAIL INVESTORS looking to invest in these assets that are otherwise unavailable, inaccessible, or unaffordable. 4. What are the benefits for your customers? ASSET OWNERS Increase the liquidity of their illiquid assets by putting them through Security Token Offerings (STO) on the primary issuance platforms; Trade parts or all of the securitized assets with global investors on regulated Secondary Exchanges; Borrow from alternative financing resources like the emerging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investors with the securitized assets as collateral; and The increased liquidity allows asset owners to unlock the asset value and reinvest with their assets’ recovered capital and future cash flows. INVESTORS Discover and access the previously unavailable, inaccessible, or unaffordable investment opportunities; Invest in fractional ownership of these assets via liquid, RWA-backed securities, and derivatives in a regulatory compliant and secured environment; and Transact without intermediaries, delays, and huge overhead costs typically associated with buying and selling real-world assets. 5. What does FRACSIO offer? TOKENIZATION. Advisory and Platform Services across pre-STO, STO, and post STO stages, covering legal, compliance, whitepaper, custodian, security token issuance, crowd sale, community support, technical support, secondary exchange listing, etc. ASSET MONETIZATION. Professionally managed Asset Tokenization Funds on blockchain for various asset classes, through the acquisition and management of high-performing assets. DApps & DeFi PRODUCTS. RWA-backed DApps products bridge real-world assets to DeFi innovations, drive higher valuation, create more liquidity options and speed. DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACE. A Decentralized Marketplace with RWA-backed investment products delivers superior user engagement, investment discovery, information transparency, portfolio management, and trading experiences for individual and institutional investors. P.S. Would be happy to introduce ourselves and the company in person.

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