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The 3DOM Group aims to truly solve urgent environmental crises through the comprehensive decarbonization of all forms of transportation. 3DOM Singapore is responsible for the production and deployment of cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology developed in Japan by 3DOM Inc. through innovative circular business models. We are working to provide packaged solutions that include electric vehicles outfitted with advanced batteries, renewable energy for charging, and carbon credits to help our partners achieve carbon neutrality. Advanced technological developments, including the proprietary 3DOM separator, enable 3DOM’s lithium-ion batteries to achieve long lifespan, high reliability, and high heat resistance. Long life reduces the batteries’ carbon footprint and allows for second-life use, so that the batteries can serve a first life powering electric vehicles, then be repurposed for a second useful life in stationary energy storage applications to facilitate clean power generation. We are eager to amplify our impact through alliances with partners who share the same commitment to a greener future.

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