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AirCarbon Pte Ltd

AirCarbon is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange built on a blockchain architecture based on a Ethereum and ERC20 & ERC721 tokens. The Exchange, currently supported by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) and the Digital Exchange Association (DXA), is a platform for the distribution and trading of carbon mitigating investment opportunities and carbon credits generated by those carbon mitigating projects. AirCarbon also operates an investment fund (the AirCarbon Fund) which sits at the crossroad of capital, green projects and emission trading where it provides development capital to carbon sequestration projects as well as liquidity to the carbon markets. The fund is designed to reduce atmospheric carbon through certified and verified projects like reforestation, methane capture, and carbon emissions reduction. At the same time, the fund generates carbon credits for carbon producers in industry to offset their own emissions. These emission credits are listed on the Exchange further increasing trading volume and a robust and active market. AirCarbon tokenizes carbon offsets into 3 fungible carbon asset classes. The first is the AirCarbon CORSIA Token (ACCT) which includes only carbon offsets which are compliant with ICAO/CORSIA guidelines. The second is the AirCarbon Forestry Token (ACFT) which includes high quality carbon offsets only from projects in the forest management industry. The third asset class is the AirCarbon Premium Token (ACPT) which includes only carbon offsets of the highest quality which also support the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. The company was set up by a seasoned business group, with a strong background in commodity exchange architecture, carbon trading, banking, distributed ledger technology (DLT), fund management and private equity.

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