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Our Vision We make conventional energies cleaner. We make renewable and new energies possible. Our Mission Designing and managing developments of producing energy within the highest respect of environment and life, through the integration of the most efficient technologies. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX Innovation is integral for change. We place innovation at the core of our thinking and culture and we are committed to challenging convention. Innovation is essential to reduce carbon emissions and maximise the sustainability of projects. We encourage our engineers to innovate and to enable change.

DEAP Project Fact Sheet - Inpex NEBA Green Ammonia Concept Study.pdf

DORIS Perth - Project Fact Sheet - FFI - Green H2-NH3 FPSO.pdf

DEAP Project Fact Sheet - Pivotree Process Simulation.pdf

DEAP Project Fact Sheet - Sea-Quester Carbon Harvester Vessel Strorage Concept Study.pdf

DORIS Perth - Project Fact Sheet - Yinson - JAK-Helang Closed Flare and Hydrocarbon Blanketing.pdf

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Level 8, 109 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia
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