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Nanyang Environment And Water Research Institute (NEWRI)

NEWRI develops environmental solutions, based on transdisciplinary scientific know-how and application experiences. We are globally ranked among the top research organisations in the environment & water domain. NEWRI has teamed with industries worldwide as a solutions provider. We are at the forefront of fundamental scientific research which provides the basis for our innovations. Our 400-strong scientific research and engineering team is led by globally ranked thought leader in the domain. NEWRI does not stop at research but continues into de-risking its technologies, guided by our Research-Engineering-Development (RED) philosophy. NEWRI’s engineering cluster (ST-ART, WW-ART and WtE-ART) has the capacity to engineer at full-scale. NEWRI is structured to create solutions for community and industry. As cities grow, emerging challenges include aged waste treatment infrastructure, space constraints for waste management, changing wastes load and characteristics, and the need for tailored solutions. NEWRI’s know-how have been deployed in the real setting and at full-scale, through NEWRI’s commercial and CSR projects. (Carried out by NEWRITech and NEWRIComm respectively).

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