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Nexergy Pte Ltd

Nexergy offers Award-Winning and Globally Deployed Energy Efficiency technologies made available locally to Singapore and Malaysia. Our fully integrated hardware and software system is unique in the market and it improves the performance of chiller, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems by up to 40%. Powered by IoT technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics it creates internal visibility of systems to find common, yet costly, faults and offers low or zero-cost recommendations to improve performance and reduce operating costs. Completely non-invasive, it deploys in minutes during business-as-usual operations. Whether our clients are pursuing Performance Improvement, Preventative Maintenance, Cost Saving solutions or Green House Gas Reduction to satisfy environmental legislation, we provide customizable solutions and business models to suit every unique requirement. We make energy and carbon reduction, simple and profitable. You can expect ROIs within 2 years. Our services include Waste-Heat Recovery to afford better equipment and process efficiencies in industrial, lifestyle and commercial sectors.


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