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Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Infineon’s approach focuses on five main work areas: users (tasked with being prudent in their energy consumption and aiming for zero wastage), enablers (focused on reporting, awareness, culture building and communications), trainers (who educate the community), buyers (who help design-in efficiency through technical innovations and specifications), and providers (charged with handling efficiency and optimization in operations). The energy management team has a committee overseeing these work areas, with a programme lead taking a coordinating effort.

The company regularly tracks key energy data and aims to reduce usage by 10 per cent. Some planned initiatives included switching off energy intensive equipment, optimising pumps, replacing lighting and chillers, and a number of other smaller initiatives like powering down fridges and hot water heaters outside ofice hours. In 2013, the company ran an eight-month- long Energy Challenge campaign to reduce energy consumption in admin areas. Internal communications, events, workshops, and meetings were conducted to get all staff on board. The result was a surprising 22.6 per cent energy reduction over the course of the campaign, far exceeding the anticipated target.

Innovative Initiatives

Energy usage was available to all employees in the company through a bar chart showing each department’s performance. This psychological approach fostered competitiveness, as no department wanted to be seen as the biggest energy consumer.

Numerous other visual reminders on energy saving were placed around the ofice to further reinforce conservation efforts, including a lighting plan so staff could turn off work areas not being used, and notices on fridges and hot water heaters notifying of their timer-activated down-time outside of ofice hours. The company even made an energy eficiency mascot that featured on many of the internal communications. Communication aspects like these, coupled with events like Earth Hour and an energy carnival, reinforced the importance of the campaign.


*This cover on Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is published in Envision Magazine Issue 6.


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