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Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy wastage is common in industrial facilities. If you use old chillers, boilers or other energy intensive equipment, chances are you are wasting energy without realizing it. These inefficiencies, once eradicated, can save you up to 20% on your energy bills.

In fact, there are already many commercially viable technologies in the market, that can do just that.

These solutions have the potential of a payback within 2 years. In other words, if you pay $20,000 to replace your old equipment for an energy-efficient technology, you can potentially save $10,000 a year; after 2 years, you would have saved enough to pay for your initial investment.

4 Myths about Energy Efficiency:

Myth #1: Energy Efficiency (EE) is Not Commercially Viable

Historical trends suggest that energy prices will continue rising in the near future, in tandem with that of oil and gas prices. The cost of energy wastage, thus, is and will continue to increase. Energy wastage therefore, should be eliminated because doing so would reduce operating costs significantly. Furthermore, the cost of energy efficiency technologies has dropped drastically due to advancements in science and engineering. The combination of increasing cost of energy wastage and decreasing cost of technology upgrades has made Energy Efficiency projects commercially viable, to a point where the payback period is now as short as 2 years.)

Furthermore, EE financing solutions are also available to help companies to defray upfront capital investments and still reap the savings.

Myth #2: Energy Efficiency is Difficult to Implement

SEAS has the capability to help companies scope for saving opportunities, source for service providers and attain grants. This means that the client company need not burden themselves with market research. Furthermore, with the help of energy audit, new technologies and project management

Myth #3: There is Not Much to Save

Industrial facilities often underestimate the inefficiency of their processes and machineries. The new technologies available in the market can help reduce up to 20% on energy consumption.

Myth #4: Energy Efficiency Can Wait

While we understand that your resources (finance, manpower) are likely stretched, we would also like to help you recognize that energy is a recurring overhead cost that can be reduced easily. For each month that you delay taking action, you are potentially losing out on thousands of dollars worth of savings.

Understanding that capital costs is a key concern for many SMEs keen on energy efficiency, the Government has rolled out generous support and financing options to aid them. Speak with SEAS to find out more.


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