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What is Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an inspection and analysis of energy comsumption in a building and/ or process to reduce the amount of energy input without negatively affecting the output. An energy audit is typically the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprints.

In the last few decades, the importance of industrial energy audits have increased (energy spending accounts for alomost 10% of the average manufacturers' expenses) as industrial players start to realise the need to lower the increasingly energy costs and move towards a sustainable future (both financially and environmentally).

In Singapore alone, 13% of the operating costs for SMEs in the manufacturing sector come from energy spending. For industrial applications, HVAC, lighting, and production equipments use the most energy for industrial applications, and hence are the primary focus of energy audits. 

A walk-through audit preliminary audit is conducted to assess building energy efficiency to identify not only simple and low-cost improvements but also a list of energy conservation measures which can be used as a reference for the more detailed audit. It is the simplest type of audit as it it involves a brief review of facility utility bills and other operating data, a very minimal interviews with site-operating personnel, and a walk-through of the facility to become familiar with the building and production processes. A list of energy conservation measures is also provided to certain level of details which though not sufficient to reach a final decision on implementing proposed measures, can serve as an adequate enough reference to plan and prioritize energy-efficiency projects and to determine the need for a more detailed audit.

For a detailed scope of service and deliverables of an energy audit (as proposed by SPRING Singapore), please click here.


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