Sustainable Infrastructure Committee


Dr Sanjay Kuttan 

Executive Director, Singapore Maritime Institute

Chairman of the Sustainable Infrastructure Committee, SEAS 

The Sustainable Infrastructure Committee was established in 2018.The objective was to bring collective thoughts and ideas to add value to the articulation and execution of policies and plans to help towards a more sustainable and smarter Singapore. 

An increasing number of sustainable technologies that aim to reduce negative impacts on the earth’s resources are being developed. Sustainable Energy Infrastructure refers to technologies and systems that reduce energy usage and replace fossil fuel powered electricity to renewable sources. This also includes e-mobility solutions, battery storage system as well as demand response technology.

In Singapore, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) is conducting an EV Test-Bed which looks at the feasibility of EVs on Singapore roads by considering consumer behaviour, and performance of vehicles as well as charging technologies. Demand Response technology is also growing in Singapore, and many potential opportunities are being explored for an integrated network that combines smart infrastructure and other forms of renewable energy. 

The Sustainable Infrastructure Committee Group aims to: 



Sustainable Infrastructure Committee Group Activities: 

The Sustainable Infrastructure Committee group worked on a Smart Deployment of Infrastructure editorial titled “Time to Think About Smart Deployment of EV Charging Infrastructure”. This opinion piece looked at how to better manage the growth of EVs to keep the infrastructure ahead of the curve and what should stakeholders need to deliberate to ensure that there is a smart and cost-effective approach to deploying EV charging infrastructure for Singapore’s longer-term benefit.