PowerACE Success Stories & Testimonials


Mr Wei Yik Lee, CEO & Co-Founder at AVA Asia presenting at the first Sustainable Energy Start-Up Networking Event

AVA Asia, the first PowerACE winner, has been helping clients in South East Asia identify problems that are impacting their performance through data and analytics. AVA Asia is one step closer to their vision of solar PV plant 4.0 which is a fully AI solar PV plant.

“As the participating company, we really appreciate the exposure that the innovation arena given to us to the broad audience in the Asia Clean Energy Summit. We have generated a few good leads from the event!”, Wei Yik Lee, CEO & Co-Founder at AVA Asia Pte Ltd. 

AVA Asia is also one of the 5 start-ups selected to be part of the Shell Idea Refinery Program Cohort.  

Dr Arjun Bhattarai, Co-Founder & CTO at VFlow Tech Pte Ltd presenting his solution to Mr Ngiam Shih Chun, Chief Executive, Energy Market Authority


V-Flow Tech, a start-up in SEAS network uses sustainable Vanadium redox batteries to power buildings and vehicles, and store electricity and is looking to work with a few start-ups and corporate partners within EcoLabs.

Dr Avishek Kumar, CEO at Vflow Tech hopes to work with Involt - a company that specialises in supercapacitor technology - to incorporate supercapacitors within their batteries so that the batteries can charge electric vehicles faster.

 Dr Avishek is also in talks with DNV GL, SEAS member company that provides risk management and quality assurance services about reviewing the bankability of the Vanadium redox batteries and laying it out for commercialisation.

The Positive Energy Limited team participated at PowerACE 2018

"In 2018, we had the opportunity to participate to the start-up competition, PowerACE” organised during the Asia Clean Energy Summit. This is a great event to touch base with the Asian energy industry and network with peers", Nicolas Payen, Co-founder & CEO at Positive Energy Limited.