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Name : BeeBryte’s optimized chiller control to generate 78k € sav...

The client, a leading transport and logistics company, signed with BeeBryte in October last year. The cost of the three-month deployment, which includes the installation of the BeeBryte Box on top of the existing equipment, data collection, machine learning, analysis, and baseline calibration, was borne solely by BeeBryte.


Name : Hybrid ferries connect the city of Amsterdam nonstop

On Amsterdam’s IJ River, hybrid ferries powered by VACON® drives enjoy 24/7 uptime, smaller generator size, improved air quality, less noise and easy maneuverability. GVB has a policy of reducing the emissions and environmental impact from its ferries, trams, buses and cars to an absolute minimum. So when GVB ordered 2 new ferries from Holland Shipyard they decided to use battery hybrid technology to improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.


Name : Public-Private-Partnership Advisory for Dubai Electricity & Wa...

Resource Link - Public-Private-Partnership Advisory for Electricity & Water Authority of Bahrain

Resource Link - Journey of closing the first local bank limited recourse project financing in Myanmar

Resource Link - Equitisation of EVNGENCO3

In a quest to diversify the energy sources away from oil, UAE has embarked on its UAE Energy Strategy 2050. The UAE Energy Strategy 2050 aims to achieve an energy mix combining renewable and clean energy sources to balance economics requirements and environmental goals.

In December 2017, the Electricity & Water Authority of Bahrain (EWA) issued a request-for-proposals (RFP) for the development, financing, design, engineering, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) basis of Al Dur II, a project structured as an Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) located next to the Arabian Gulf coastline.

In October 2019, National Infrastructure Holding Company led consortium successfully closed a limited recourse debt financing facility of MMK 74 billion (around US 53 million) with KBZ Bank for financing of PowerGen Kyaukse 145MW gas-fired IPP in Myanmar. This signifies the first local project financing on limited recourse basis to happen to date by Myanmar local banks.

EVNGENCO3 is the largest power generation company in Vietnam. As of 2018, it holds a portfolio of thermal and renewable projects that accounts for approximately 17% of the nation’s power generation assets. EVNGENCO is a subsidiary of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) and as a part of the liberalisation of the Vietnam electricity sector, EVN looks to reduce its ownership in EVNGENCO3 to help increase competition in the sector - a process known as equitisation.