PowerACE 2021 The 12 Selected Startups

482 Solutions


482.solutions is a software engineering provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized and Blockchain technologies. The key competency of 482.solutions is creating solutions for "Industry 4.0" domains: Energy, FinTech and Blockchain.

482.solutions develops product Electrodo - software service for climate-related risk management to increase enterprise market value. By implementing TCFD Recommendations Electrodo helps companies identify, assess and manage climate-related risks across enterprise value chains.



Abivin develops Abivin vRoute - an AI-powered Logistics Optimization Platform that makes environmental impacts by enabling efficiency in supply chain management. Their unique component is the proprietary optimization algorithms that can assist companies in making automatic and optimal transportation route plans in terms of revenue, cost, time, and energy.

They are serving enterprise clients across 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region and making a foray into the waste management sector with reverse logistics solutions for global manufacturers.


CBE Eco-Solutions


CBE Eco-Solutions is revolutionizing the oil & gas industry by providing a sustainable solution to recycle oil refinery carbon waste into high-value products. The carbon waste is currently burnt in incineration plants with the ash sent to landfills.

Their green technology can extract vanadium and carbon from the carbon waste and convert them to vanadium pentoxide and activated carbon, respectively. Vanadium pentoxide is commonly used in the manufacturing of alloy and ceramic. Activated carbon could be used in wastewater treatment, air purification and as carbon electrode for energy storage systems. 



Commsens is a company focusing on sustainability and smart city IoT solutions globally. Their unique value proposition is optimising energy efficiency in buildings, through predictable load distribution” they achieving it by stretching their capabilities from re-engineering low-cost hardware to developing deep learning software, as such they can achieve integrated human comfort, energy efficiency and sustainable solutions at affordable cost.

Their owned designed and developed energy meters provides a plug and play model of digitalising high energy-consuming apparatus into a singular platform where our proprietary AI/ML model can be applied for optimisation and prediction. 





DiviGas has invented proprietary polymers to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for this wasted gas to be reused – saving billions & avoiding millions of tons of CO2 production.

Divi-H can be used in a wide range of application from fuel gas recovery to loop optimization through H2/CO adjustment and carbon capture. This can be operate in refineries, petrochemical plants, Ammonia plants, Methanol production, Metallurgical production, Power-to-Gas systems, Gasifiers​​ and many more.


HRE Pvt Ltd

HRE Pvt Ltd is a boot strapped Start-up that provides an Electric auto with a high torque and a low cost of operation. Due to low cost of operations, it would improve the living standards of over 400,000 families.

With a Patent pending Thermal management Technology, it offers LFP batteries with longer life reducing the levelized cost of battery per cycle, it would act as a catalyst for storage & usage of renewable energy.


Inoviea Ventures

i-panelKlean is a patented technology in waterless solar panels self cleaning system that increases power generation upto 100% and reduces the payback period of entire Solar plant by up to 40%. It is completely automatic, programmable, waterless, brushless and does not have any moving parts on solar panels. They first make the solar panels slippery by special coatings and then blow them clean using compressed air multiple times a day.

The product provides IRR from 28% to 81% over life cycle. Has annual potential impact of 8 Billion USD extra revenue, save 100 billion litres of water, save 60 million tons of carbon emissions and save lives of solar cleaning workers from electrocution or falling while working. It’s combined deep tech, nano-tech, pneumatics, automation and IOT based advance solution. ipaneKlean is a bootstrapped startup. 



kraftwerk directly supplies fuel cells/stacks/boxes for the powertrain of a wide range of applications. Their technology can be used in the automotive industry, in aviation or in new fields like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and surveillance or the Internet of Things (IoT).

The advanced solid oxide fuel cells (aSOFCs) are produced in Dresden/Germany and can convert the chemical energy of hydrogen or all common e-fuels directly into electrical energy. The energy generation is not subject to the efficiency limitations of the combustion processes. In comparison to alternatives, an aSOFC starts up quickly, is robust and extremely low cost as it contains no platinum.



SolarGaps is the world's first smart solar blinds, which can generate electricity and save on energy bills as well as decrease CO2 emissions. Using abundant vertical space of the building to produce energy. Decreases energy consumption and CO2 emissions, save on the air conditioning. Solar cells with 22,4% KPI, 1Kwh energy per day from a 1,5 sqm window.


SunEmison Solar Energy

SunEmison aims to provide the much needed energy security to world, ensuring self-sustained buildings, rapid deployment and reducing transmission & distribution losses.

They offer AI enabled architectural glass with embedded photosynthesis / photoactive technology, Glass aim to convert traditional building construction materials into solar energy generators optimizing three different things at the same time, namely electricity production, thermal insulation and intelligent data analytics by UI / UX .



SunGreenH2 is developing novel advanced nanostructured materials for the world’s highest efficiency electrolysers. The company is using low cost earth abundant materials to improve hydrogen production to 2x and lowering energy consumption by 10% leading to halved stack size and materials cost.

SunGreenH2’s proprietary, platform technology is capable of boosting the performance of alkaline, PEM and AEM electrolysers. In particular, for PEM electrolysers, we reduce platinum group metal (PGM) loading by 30x to 0.01-0.2 mg.cm-2 thus removing one of the critical barriers to scaling up in the industry.



WeavAir offers a business intelligence solution for decarbonizing real estate & transportation hubs and systems composed of predictive software and multi-sensor IoT devices that measure 20 different metrics (on air quality, predictive maintenance and people flow) in real-time at 95% accuracy, leading to ROI of less than 2 years.

It helps operators save 30% in operation and maintenance costs, over 20% in energy, and improve air quality, reducing downtime, the transmission of infection like COVID-19 as well as legal and insurance risks.