PowerACE 2020 Ecolabs Award




ECOLABS Special Award (worth SGD 100,000)


1. Development Space – Qualified Start-ups/SMEs will be given product development support space (that includes co-working and co-development space)

2. Access to EcoLabs Resources: Access to our fully functional labs (Battery Proto & Testing, Fuel cells, Power electronics/grids, Low carbon Lab: solar lab, wind& marines, ACMV lab, Smart energy systems lab, High performance computing and access to our AI labs with super computers)

3. Access to our large test beds: More than 10+ test beds across Singapore be it buildings, industrial parks, trade hubs, industrial scale microgrids testbeds, smart carparks, supply chain cities, data centres, airports, mobility as a service platform, AV test tracks, and others.

4. Access to seasoned energy tech experts: One on one session with renowned prolific inventors, scientist, researches and energy industry professionals

5. EcoLabs Partner Benefits: Our EcoLabs partners will also provide unique access to their deep design expertise, access to their fab-houses, proof of concept support, access to pilots, market knowledge and meeting with top executives to provide mentorship/guidance.

6. Translational Program - The program is catered to start-up specific translation needs. EcoLabs will step in to provide needed resources be it R&D manpower, labs, equipment’s, testbeds, access to market opportunities and several investor pitches

7. Mentoring - During our 3-month translation program, our business mentors will handhold you about translation know-how that is required to translate a product/technology to market

8. Project Funding Support- Qualified SG Based startups post acceleration program will be in a position to tap to 70:30 project funding support from ESG.

9. Network - As business begins to scale, EcoLabs will introduce startups to Singapore Ecosystem. i.e., key access to Gov’t Agencies, different funding schemes in Singapore, local investors, industry partners and commercial projects. A key account manager will be assigned to develop their SG market introduction/entry program.


Criteria for Evaluation

• SG registered SME/Start-up or to be registered as SG entity

• Entities should have Singapore market focus for design, development and deployment

• Should have working roadmap for > 12 months or so.

• Should be deep tech company with strong proprietary know-how backed by research /application

• TRL 3 and above only

• Strategic Sector Fit with EcoLabs & its industry partners

• Business will be evaluated: For Scalability, Defensibility, Value Differentiation, Economically Feasibility, Time to Market, Development Factor Risk, Market Fit, Commercial Interest/Traction and Team Core Capability


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About Ecolabs

Established in 16th April 2019, the Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy @NTU (EcoLabs) aims to build and accelerate deep-tech energy innovation capabilities in Singapore to support the nation’s future energy transition. Supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Sustainable Energy Association Singapore (SEAS), this joint initiative aims to help local energy startups and SMEs to successfully commercialise and scale their innovation efforts. This is done by providing them with essential translation facilities such as Research, Development & Deployment (RD&D), lab infrastructure, testbed sites, and business opportunities.