$1.8 Million programme to boost Singapore's clean energy industry

$39 million value-add and $130 million revenue expected over next three years.

  1. In a bid to boost Singapore's clean energy industry, the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) will embark on a $1.8 million programme to enhance the capabilities of the sustainable energy industry in Singapore beginning next year.
  2. Supported by SPRING Singapore and IE Singapore, the SEAS Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) programme is expected to generate a $39 million in value-add, as well as $130 million in revenue and 245 job placements over the next three years. With the recent announcement by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to increase the target value-add to the energy industry by 70%, from $20 billion to $34 billion by 2015, the new programme will play an important role in developing this young but fast-growing industry.
  3. Some of the exciting new plans under the SEAS LEAD programme include:
    • Enterprise development

      Currently, SEAS represents the local clean energy companies in Singapore. Through LEAD, SEAS would be organising training courses for member companies to help them enhance their capabilities in technology innovation and product development. Plans are also underway to provide consultancy service to help nurture and incubate clean energy startups in Singapore.

    • Market development

      Besides anchoring key international industry events such as Energex and Carbon Forum Asia in Singapore, SEAS will also be working with like-minded associations in the region to explore new business and technology partnerships. In addition, member companies can also look forward to more business opportunities ahead with overseas trade missions in the pipeline.

    • Training and learning

      To help local players stay on top of the latest developments and know-how in the fast-moving clean energy industry, SEAS will be working with companies to identify training needs. Feedback from the training needs analysis will then be used to design relevant courses for the clean energy companies.

  4. "Singapore government & SPRING Singapore have reiterated their belief in this industry by awarding a LEAD grant to SEAS to assist with developing upgrading and expanding this industry" said, Mr Edwin Khew Chairman, SEAS. "This will give the necessary impetus to do capacity building for the sustainable energy industry and provide a common platform for technology companies, investors as well as project developers to communicate, discuss, forge partnerships and do business"
  5. "With rising oil prices and increased awareness of environmental issues driving demand for alternative sources of energy, the clean energy industry looks set to become one of the key growth sectors in the near future," said SPRING Singapore Chief Executive, Mr Loh Khum Yean. "I urge local clean energy players to take advantage of SEAS' LEAD programme to equip themselves with the critical know-how that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead."
  6. LEAD is a multi-agency initiative jointly led by SPRING Singapore and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. The programme aims to enhance industry and enterprise competitiveness by partnering industry associations willing to drive industry development initiatives to improve the overall capabilities of local enterprises in their sectors.
  7. LEAD is open to all industry associations, in particular those in key sectors which contribute significantly to the economy and have a good representation of industry members as well as a good track record of helping local enterprises. Interested associations can submit their industry development proposals for assistance in areas covering technology and infrastructure, expertise and managerial competence, business collaboration, intelligence and advisory and consultancy on industry best practices and competence.