Marine Renewable Energy Committee


Mr Michael Lochinvar Abundo 

Managing Director, OceanPixel Pte Ltd 

Chairman of the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group, SEAS 

The Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore set up the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group together in April 2018. Marine renewable energy refers to anything in the marine space used to generate renewable energy such as floating solar panels and ocean renewable energy technologies (e.g. tidal range, currents, wave, thermal gradient, salinity gradient).

The Marine Renewable Energy is a sunrise industry, which has more than 1,000 sites in Asia that could cater to 200MW for each site in the Southeast Asian Region. 

In line with Singapore’s drive towards a sustainable future, various efforts that address energy security and economic impact are being explored. Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) and its related sectors are relevant upcoming contributors to Singapore’s energy mix.  Singapore potentially has substantial MRE resource that can be harnessed for various applications. 

Being a recognized leader in innovation and research in the region, Singapore has the great opportunity to take the lead in Southeast Asia (SEA) to drive the adoption of MRE and related technologies. 

We believe that the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group, can be the voice for the marine industry and work towards achieving the below objectives:



Marine Renewable Energy Working Group Activities:

In October 2018 the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group completed a position paper on ‘Marine Renewable Energy in Singapore: Realising the Opportunities’ which talked about the next steps to realise the opportunities of utilising marine renewable energy in Singapore and its possible positive ripple effect towards the region.