Membership Overview

The association plays a strong role within the sustainable energy community in Singapore, providing a common platform as well as support for businesses in this sector.

We currently represent more than 200 companies across all sectors of sustainable energy including energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon management, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable laboratories as well as banks & funds interested in the sector. Our companies come in all sizes from large MNC’s, GLC’s as well as SME’s.

Please call us or email us to find out more about how you can be part of the sustainable energy community.

The SEAS secretariat works hard to provide valuable services and generate business opportunities that helped our business to grow. Precicon D&C has been a member since SEAS’s inception. Being a member of this proactive organization has kept us up to date with the latest trends in Singapore and across the region. We hope SEAS will keep coming up with ‘innovative services’ for its members.

Colin Koh ,
Precicon D&C Senior Business Manager

I was fully satisfied the logistics, classroom environment and quality of the academics. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend the experience.

Frederic Crampe ,
ReEx Capital Asia Managing Director for Energy Efficiency