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bbp is an award-winning energy efficiency company that enables businesses to achieve their carbon neutrality and sustainability goals. Founded in 2012, bbp has since enabled multiple blue-chip and Fortune 500 companies to achieve up to 40% of energy and cost savings using patented HVAC optimization technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), proprietary software algorithms, and machine learning. Energy savings solutions delivered by bbp are implemented on customers' sites with fail safe methods. Cost savings across all sites are audited by 3rd party auditors like TUV and DNV. All investment costs associated with implementation and delivery of energy savings solutions are typically borne by bbp. bbp is backed by KKR, a leading global investment firm with US$491 billion of assets under management as of June 2022. At present, bbp serves customers across Southeast Asia, China, India and Taiwan and continues to innovate and develop new products to drive value creation on the sustainability front. Some of the customers served by bbp include 3 of the world's top 10 semiconductor manufacturers, 4 Fortune 500 companies and Asia's largest and top 20 real estate companies. Solutions offered by bbp bbp optimise - HVAC energy optimization using patented technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), proprietary software algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. bbp protect - Comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance for chiller plant components including air handling units, fan coil units, mechanical ventilation fans. bbp analyse+ - Advanced data analytics for predictive maintenance, fault detection diagnostics, false alarm reduction and equipment life cycle extension of HVAC chiller plants and equipment

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