Melvyn Yeo Bio


Mr. Melvyn Yeo,

Council Member SEAS, 

Founder and Managing Partner, TRIREC Fund Management Pte Ltd

Melvyn is the Founder and Managing Partner of Singapore-based, TRIREC, which is the leading venture capital firm that was incorporated in 2015 with the aim of making a meaningful impact on addressing climate change through a disciplined investment approach by supporting companies and projects that share our belief in a decarbonized and sustainable future. Melvyn was the Deputy Head of Wealth Management for Asia at Schroders where he was responsible for the management and strategic development of the business for the region since 2019 till his retirement in early 2021. Melvyn chaired the Asia Investment Committee where he led the efforts in the formulation of investment philosophies and risk frameworks for the wealth management business. Melvyn sat on the boards of Schroder & Co (Asia) Limited and Schroder & Co (Hong Kong) Limited during his tenure.