Mahesh Kumar Bio


Mr. Mahesh Kumar,

Chief of Sustainability and Innovation, Sing Fuels

Mahesh is the Chief of Sustainability and Innovation at Sing Fuels, a leading global energy trading company. With over 10 years of experience in managing and accelerating clean energy technologies and solutions, Mahesh have a strong passion for innovation and a keen interest in the energy transition. Mahesh hold a PMP certification and a master's degree in management of technology from NUS.

In his current role, he lead the development and implementation of Sing Fuels' sustainability and innovation strategy, aligning it with the company's vision, mission, and values. Mahesh oversee the innovation process, from ideation to execution, and foster a culture of creativity and collaboration across the organization. He also engage with various stakeholders, such as customers, partners, investors, and regulators, to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities and market trends. Additionally, Mahesh leverage his previous experience as a programme director at NTU's Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and ERI@N Accelerator, where he supported and mentored numerous energy start-ups and SMEs in Singapore and beyond.