Climate change, fossil fuel depletion and rapid urbanisation are driving up demand for cleaner and more sustainable solutions. Wind energy is one of the established form of renewable energy globally. While the wind market in Asia is still the early stages of development there is considerable potential for wind in the Asia Pacific region. With increasing support for renewable energy from regional governments, the number of investors interested in developing and financing wind projects in the region is on the rise.

There is no extensive or vigorous wind power study in Singapore.  Except for a few wind turbines scattered on private industrial buildings, there is very little effort to harvest wind power. The popular notion is that wind conditions in Singapore are not favorable enough to make conventional wind power feasible. However, scientists at the Nanyang Technological University's Energy Research Institute (ERI@N) are confident of the possibility that 250 small wind turbines with a blade diameter of less than 5m could be deployed along a selected 10km stretch of Singapore's coastlines or on specific remote islands to generate electricity for 500 homes.