Chairman’s Message


Asia is enjoying sustained economic growth, this growth brings bigger populations and industries who in turn have increasing energy demands. Governments are striving to grow their economies with an awareness that there is a need for clean, efficient and cost effective energy solutions to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Countries in ASEAN one of the fastest growing region for this sector, can tap on Singapore as an R&D, test bedding and financial hub, contributing to the development of clean tech projects in their respective countries. Singapore itself already has an established Cleantech sector forecasted to contribute S$3.4 billion (US$2.6 billion) to GDP.

SEAS membership services are geared to accelerate business growth. We have a range of business services and training courses that increase the capabilities of our members, and their market and development needs. We are thus continually contributing to the growth of the sustainable energy sector by providing our members with a connection to their markets & financing needs, working together with the local & regional governments to establish Singapore as the regional centre for sustainable energy.

We look forward to welcoming sustainable energy companies to join our networks and together we will establish Singapore as a hub for sustainable energy.

Mr. Edwin Khew
Chairman, SEAS