SEAS History

SEAS was launched on 12 July 2006. Our steady growth in membership numbers and programmes has mirrored the growth of the sustainable energy sector in Singapore and the ASEAN region. The Association benefited from a Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) grant from IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore, underlining their belief in the future of our industry and in Singapore’s role as a global Clean Energy hub. SEAS is a not-for-profit industry association, operating on a membership subscription model. Through the years we have continued to expand our core services of Knowledge Development, Business Development and Market Development in response to the needs of our membership, as part of a sustainable and measured strategic growth plan. In September 2012, we moved our new headquarters to the ground breaking Clean Tech Park, Singapore’s first eco-business park. We also expanded our footprint with CleanTech Park launching our own training facility, SEAS@Park Mall, in the heart of the city and within the business district. SEAS’s focus is to extend the scope of our activities whilst building a robust infrastructure that is supported by a healthy balance sheet. As an organization, we are committed to expanding our membership and our suite of services to cater to the changing needs of this exciting and rapidly growing industry.