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Start: 17-Jan-2017
End: 17-Jan-2017

Systems Thinking & Architecting - a system approach to solving urban systems problems


The course focuses on adopting a systems thinking framework to understand the increasing complex nature of engineering management issues.  It introduces systems architecting as a systematic methodology to analyse the diverse elements of a complex problems as integrated components of a coherent system.  The course will discuss case studies on how systems architecting methodology can be applied to solve complex large scale sustainable urban systems.


  • Introduction to systems architecting
  • Systems Architecting in the 80's
  • Difference between Architecting and Engineering
  • Systems and System of systems
  • Dealing with Complex Problems
  • Applying systems thinking to solving complex problems
  • Attributes of a systems architect
  • Systems Architecting Methodology and application to case studies
  • Application of systems architecting to social systems, education, water, energy, urban mobility and urban systems design

Learning Outcome:

  • Able to learn the various approaches to analysing problems in a systematic manner
  • Able to deal with complex, large-scale engineering issues
  • Able to develop solutions using systems thinking approach

Trainer: Dr. Yeoh Lean Weng, NRF director of the Energy and Environment Research Directorate

C-Suite: TBC

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63379886, training@seas.org.sg

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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall

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Systems Thinking & Architecting - a system approach to solving urban systems problems 17-Jan-2017 09:00:00 17-Jan-2017 17:00:00