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Start: 18-Mar-2016
End: 18-Mar-2016

Energy Efficiency Committee Meeting



1.      Presentation by WDA on Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)

      In preparation for the upcoming economic downturn where some sectors may be affected, WDA and SEAS are exploring to introduce a Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) which is aimed to equip Professionals, Managers, Executives (PMEs) with the essential skills sets to facilitate their entry into more progressive and growth sectors to take on new jobs. Relevant training will be provided to the new hires, including mid-career individuals, to acquire the necessary skills to take on the new jobs.

      Under the PCP programme model, WDA is able to provide training allowance support of up to 70% of monthly salary and course fee funding support of up to 70% of course fee.

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Energy Efficiency Committee Meeting 18-Mar-2016 15:00:00 18-Mar-2016 17:00:00