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Start: 31-Aug-2015
End: 31-Aug-2015

How can SMEs profit from Energy Efficiency?


SEAS and NTUC are organising a seminar on how SMEs can profit from Energy Efficiency. The seminar aims to increase awareness of the importance of Energy Efficiency to SMEs, as being Energy Efficient will lower energy costs, which in turn increases profits. There is also greater global attention on addressing climate change, and Singapore will have to do its part.

SEAS is leading the national SME Energy Efficiency Initiative (www.seas.org.sg/sme3), which aims to help SMEs reduce their energy bills by being more energy efficient. 



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This course is complimentary.

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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd, #08-02, S (238459)

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How can SMEs Profit from Energy Efficiency? 31-Aug-2015 16:00:00 31-Aug-2015 18:00:00