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Start: 08-Oct-2014
End: 06-Feb-2015

Singapore Certified Energy Manager Course (SCEM) - Professional Level (Oct'14 Intake)


The SCEM programme offers formal training and certification in the area of energy management. It is designed for engineering professionals who intend to build their career as energy managers. The programme gives a thorough understanding of the key energy issues either in the building or indsutry sector. Through the programme, participants will develop technical skills and competence in energy services and energy management work within the organisation they serve. There are 2 certifiable training levels for SCEM, namely Associate and Professional levels. Both levels are defined for the Industry and Building sectors. Each individual needs to undertake 4 core and 2 elective modules, pass the respective examinations and acquire relevant working experience to qualify for the SCEM certification. The whole SCEM programme takes 144 hours in total to complete. SEAS is a registered training provider for SCEM Professional for both Industry and Building sectors. Funding Assistance - SCEM Training Grant: The SCEM Training Grant is a co-funding scheme administered by e2i to develop local expertise and capability in professional energy management. The Training Grant funds up to 70% of the SCEM training cost (inclusive of one exam fee per module) at the Professional Level. Qualifying candidates will need to pay the module and exam fees upfront and will only be entitled to the Training Grant upon passing of exam.

Extra Information

Course Fee: S$6,398.60 (after GST)

Contact Information

Tel: 63379886; email: training@seas.org.sg

Address Information

SEAS Training Centre @ Park Mall

Module Title Start Date End Date
Energy Management and Economics 08-Oct-2014 09:00:00 10-Oct-2014 06:00:00
Motor Driven Systems 05-Nov-2014 09:00:00 07-Nov-2014 00:00:00
Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System 14-Jan-2015 09:00:00 16-Jan-2015 06:00:00
Energy Measurement and Appraisal 04-Feb-2015 09:00:00 06-Feb-2015 06:00:00