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Start: 06-Jun-2013
End: 07-Jun-2013

Financing and Management of Solar Photovoltaic Projects


This course has been postponed to a later date. For more information, please contact SEAS.

About this Training Course

The Government of Thailand is set to raise renewable energy capacity to 25% of the total energy use by 2022. To make this a reality, the Board of Investments has passed numerous incentives such as tax holidays, investment grants and income tax reduction.

One of the areas in achieving this target involves deployment of Photovoltaic (PV) technologies – generating electricity from sunlight – in Thailand given the huge potential from solar resources in Thailand. Therefore, abundant opportunities lie in successful financing of solar power projects.

PV Solar projects are an attractive investment due to their high profitability, scalability and low maintenance costs.

The success of project investment is determined by the proficiency of financiers to understand the technology and derisk projects based on a multitude of areas which are unique to renewable energy projects.

With returns on investment spanning between 6-8 years and revenue generation up to 25 years, it is an attractive area for investors to learn how solar projects and finance work in order to reap the long term rewards for such investments.

Concurrent with the Renewable Energy Asia/Entech Pollutec Asia 2013 Expo in Bangkok, the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) will be organizing a 2-day solar project financing workshop. This workshop is designed for bankers, investors, private equity, fund managers and venture capitalists.

Learning Outcome Objectives

  • Receive in-depth insight to the know-how needed to manage complex projects or to assess project proposals
  • Discover the most crucial technical aspects and risks in PV projects without being an engineer
  • Understand how successful PV projects are managed from the first idea to full operation
  • Learn to estimate life-cycle costs, revenues in a PV project and its profitability
  • Understand financing strategies and know how to identify the best financing sources
  • Explore the specific challenges in PV projects and how to solve them

Who Should Attend

- Corporate Bankers
   - Credit Managers
- Fund Managers
   - Investors
- Project Finance Managers
   - Venture Capitalists
- Private Equity
   - Security Managers
- Business Analysts
   - Government Authorities

Programme outline

Day 1
Solar power – an introduction

The Solar resource
PV markets – global trends, and development and prospects in Asia
PV market segments (off-grid, residential, commercial & industrial, utility)
Which PV technologies are on the market and how the technology is developing
Trends in cost of PV
Typical PV systems and an overview to their components
Introduction to the main components
(modules, inverters, structure, etc.)
Sources for meteorological data
Yield estimation and yield forecast

Developing and Managing solar projects (with case studies)
Overview of project cycle from initial concept to operation and maintenance
Developing PV project plans: Planning and commissioning, approvals, logistics, construction, grid-connection
Identification (planning, construction and operation)
Project implementation, coordination and controlling
The installation process
Technical project risks and how to avoid them
Risk management of PV projects
Identification (planning, construction and operation)
Allocation and mitigation (Contracts, Insurance)
Engineering, Procurement and  Construction (EPC) contracts and contractors
Day 2
Economics and Financing of PV projects (with case studies)

Appraising Investment Risks and Returns – Framework Overview
Fundamental demand and supply analysis
Feed-in-tariff and offtake arrangements
Cash flow behaviour in the project life-cycle
Financing requirements and project financing
Financing sources (international examples from commercial banks, other sources of financing, equity financing)
Security arrangements and other considerations
What happens when a project ‘goes bad’?
Practical work with an Excel based cash flow/financing model
Modelling of a MW PV project
Net Present Value
Pay-back period
Project Internal rate of return (IRR)
Leverage effect
Sensitivity analysis

Local Project Presentations and Experience Sharing Sessions
Technical Guest Presentation and Case Studies from 2 local functioning PV Installations

About the Trainers


Mr Siddique has over 28 years of global investment experience in infrastructure and financial services, in Asia, Latin America, US and Africa. He was formerly IFC’s head of business development for infrastructure in Asia. Currently Joint Managing Director of Srei Infrastructure Finance, a leading infrastructure project finance player in India, Mr Siddique also serves as Chairman of Credit and Audit Committees of Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, and Special Advisor to Board of WaterTech, a Singapore water infrastructure company. He was formerly CEO of Hyflux Water Trust. Mr Siddique holds an MBA from Cornell University and B.Sc. Computer Science from University of Maryland.


Mr Yeung is currently the Principal at Odyssey Capital, a PE and advisory firm based in Singapore. Formerly Senior Vice President at Srei Infrastructure Finance and Vice President at Hyflux Water Trust, Mr Yeung also worked at IFC, based in Hong Kong, investing in power, water, ports, roads and renewable energy in emerging markets in Asia. He was investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston and Bankers Trust in Australia. Mr Yeung holds a B.Ec. (Hons) from University of Sydney, LLB from University of New South Wales, Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, and CFA.

This course has been postponed to a later date. For more information, please contact SEAS.

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Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand

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