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Start: 24-Jun-2013
End: 24-Jun-2013

What's Next after Carbon Footprint? - Monitoring, Reducing and Offsetting.


Global climate change is widely regarded as one of the 'greatest environmental threat' facing the world today. With the increasing focus on climate change mitigation, there is increasing pressure on and recongnition for businesses to understand and reduce their carbon footprint, while at the same time remaining profitable and competitive in the global market. This workshop will provide delegates with an initial overview of what carbon management is and provide practical insight and local case studies into measuring carbon footprint of an organisatio, monitoring, communicating and reducing carbon emissions as well as carbn offsetting for businesses.

This one day workshop is the third and final section of a planned 3-section carbon management series in providing a practical understanding and developing a full carbon reduction programme.

Section 1  - What  is Carbon Management? - An Introduction.

The workshop is  intended to provide a general introductionn to the theory and background to carbon management.

Section 2 - Getting Started - Measuring and Reporting Carbon Footprint.

This is intended to provide a practical approach to measuring and reporting organisational carbon footprint in line with international standards.

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What's Next after Carbon Footprint? - Monitoring, Reducing and Offsetting. 24-Jun-2013 08:00:00 24-Jun-2013 05:00:00