Energy Efficiency in Industries



Industry Energy Efficiency Courses in Singapore

Without sufficient sources of energy, it is highly critical for the energy sector in Singapore to tap on innovation from our engineering sectors to come up with key ways to sustain development.

SEAS is proud to host a series of energy efficient training courses for engineers and personnel in the energy industry. Our series of industry energy efficiency courses in Singapore provide professionals with relevant and useful knowledge of energy management approaches as well as the systems and techniques of energy audits.  

Participants at our energy efficiency training programme will be put through a series of challenges and tests that will put their knowledge of energy efficiency to the test. The training will also challenge participants to innovate and think on their feet to produce energy efficient solutions to target current issues.

For the team at SEAS, energy efficiency is key to sustainable development in the modern world. Our industry energy efficiency courses in Singapore will give participants sufficient opportunities to hone their knowledge and skills. Participants will also get the chance to consult and hear from seasoned professionals who will be sharing their insights at our programmes.

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Why Study with SEAS?

Since its inception in 2007, the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore has remained committed to playing a part in contributing to innovation and development in the energy sector. Our series of industry energy efficiency courses in Singapore are geared towards spearheading development in the energy industry.

In addition, the SEAS training centre also leverages on the expertise and knowledge of experienced and qualified trainers to give all participants high-quality and informative energy efficiency training.


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