Solar Training


Solar Design Installation Courses in Singapore

SEAS offers a series of solar panel installation certification courses that are catered towards helping all participants obtain a more in-depth and thorough understanding of solar design and theory.

Our series solar design installation training courses incorporate both theory and hands-on learning. It will introduce key concepts and ideas that would help professionals obtain a more comprehensive understanding of solar science. Furthermore, our courses in Singapore will be conducted by seasoned and competent professionals who have yet years of experience in solar design and works.

Crafted specially for experts in energy, design and the renewable sectors, our series of solar courses in Singapore will equip all participants with relevant ideas and skills.

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Photovoltaics on Buildings - Specifying and Evaluating Project Proposals


WSQ Perform Design and Installation of PV Systems and WSQ Perform Maintenance of PV Systems


Solar Fundamentals


Low Carbon Technologies - Solar on Façades


Feasibility & Development of Utility Scale Solar Power Projects