PowerACE 2021

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About SESUN/SESUN Activities/PowerACE/PowerACE-2021



We're back with our 4th edition of PowerACE competition once again as part of the Asia Clean Energy Summit! If you are a start-up either working directly in the energy sector or providing support to companies in the energy industry all over the world, send in your applications now for the PowerACE 2021! This will be an ideal platform for sharing your ideas and innovations with investors and large corporations looking to find synergy and collaborate with start-ups.

The top 12 selected start-ups will get a chance to exhibit at Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) ​, part of Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) where they can showcase their products and ideas to connect and exchange ideas with incumbents in the industry, meet with potential investors, and scout for the right professionals within the renewable energy sector.

Furthermore, as a chosen start-up, you will be provided mentorship by industry professionals to help refine your business models and pitches over a period of 1 month, with the winning pitch standing to win attractive prizes and supports from our sponsors!


What we Offer Start-Ups:


Special Awards


(worth SGD 100,000)

(worth SGD 82,000)

(worth SGD 13,000)



Criteria for Start-Ups: 

2) Start-ups that have a solution or business idea covering at least one of the 5 key themes below

2) Maximum 7 years since the creation of the Start-up company

3) Maximum 5 Million SGD funding received


Registration is closed on 27 August 2021.





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