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Start: 17-Apr-2012
End: 17-Apr-2012

Wind Power Development [WPD-201204]


With the rising demand for energy and diminishing fossil fuel resources, more countries are looking towards renewable energy to meet their growing energy needs as well as to reduce their carbon footprints. One of the emerging types of renewable energy in Asia Pacific is wind energy. While the wind market in Asia is still in the early stages of development there is considerable potential for wind in the Asia Pacific region.

Wind turbines generate electricity from the wind without any fuel costs and without the release of harmful emissions that are released when producing electricity with fossil fuels. Many areas in Asia Pacific have limitations for widespread wind development due to limited land area and low wind speeds. However, with the right combination of turbine technology, feed-in tariffs, government grants, and tax policies many projects may be both technically and economically feasible.

With increasing support for renewable energy from regional governments, the number of investors interested in developing and financing wind projects in the region is on the rise. New entrants to the wind industry often lack the technical knowledge required to develop or invest in successful wind projects. To help bridge the knowledge gap, two experienced wind industry professionals will provide this one day course which focuses on the technical building blocks required for successful wind project development.

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