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Start: 07-Apr-2017
End: 07-Apr-2017

Waste Heat Recovery **7 SCEM PDUs [WHR-201704]


* 7 SCEM PDUs and PE PDU points to be awarded


Waste heat recovery (WHR) is very important for both sustainability and profitability of process industries. It is even more important in Singapore because of very high industrial activity and lack of energy resources such as oil, natural gas and coal. WHR has great potential for reducing fresh fuel demand by recovering waste heat and reusing it. It can simultaneously reduce both the heating and cooling loads and hence reduce operating and/or capital costs. It is also reduce CO2 emissions. Consequently, heat recovery projects can generate credits within the CRM and carbon trade programs, and hence improve financial return on WHR projects. WHR is equally beneficial for both Greenfield (ie. in new plants) and Brownfield (in existing plants) projects


This workshop will present a comprehensive and concise coverage of fundamentals, advanced topics and practical applications of waste heat recovery (WHR) in industrial processes. In the workshop, simple and effective WHR techniques will be illustrated, with suitable industrial examples, to help participants quickly identify, calculate and develop the heat recovery saving potentials within their processes. Key benefits/drivers of WHR projects will be illustrated; these are very useful to decision makers and engineers for developing successful WHR business cases. Wherever possible, Brownfield project technique such as revamping/retrofitting the WHR equipment will be highlighted; this can greatly benefit the companies facing capital constraints, for Greenfield projects. Special emphasis will be given towards major technical risks and mitigation plans, for implementing sound WHR projects. Sustainability techniques for reaping benefits of WHR projects for longer periods will also be outlined.


Managers, Decision Makers, Engineers, Designers, Supervisors and Operators in:

  • Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical Utilities, Semiconductor, Metallurgical, F&B Industries
  • LNG Facilities, Offshore Engineering, Engineering Design Companies, Engineering Consultants
  • Project Development, Research Institutes, Process Equipment Suppliers


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