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Start: 14-Oct-2015
End: 16-Oct-2015

WSQ - Assess Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Systems (a module under SCEM Associate Level)



This competency unit covers the generic skills and knowledge of ACMV systems in buildings. It encompasses the interpretation of provisions in the relevant code of practice and their applications to provide a comfortable indoor environment, determination of ACMV systems to provide cooling and dehumidification functions, and measures to improve indoor air quality and energy conservation pertaining to ACMV systems.

This is a 24 hour competency unit, consisting of the following competency elements:

  • Interpret the provisions in the code of practice and their applications to provide a comfortable indoor environment
  • Determine ACMV systems to provide cooling and dehumidification functions
  • Determine measures to be incorporated into ACMV design to improve indoor air quality
  • Specify energy conservation measures relating to different components of ACMV systems
  • Calculate the energy savings potential of the measures implemented
  • Collate relevant specification data relating to components of ACMV systems and submit preliminary report, according to organizational procedures

Course Fee : S$1200 per module
WDA Funding available : S$390

Eligibility for WDA Funding

  • Singaporean/PR
  • Achieve at least 75% of attendance
  • Complete and pass all required assessments
  • To retain in current job for at least 3 months after completion of training
  • Complete all surveys (Funding details subjected to revision based on latest funding rate)
 Assess Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Systems14 - 16 October 2015

Please submit completed Application Form  and documents to SEAS Training Department.

  • Application Form
  • Company Support Letter (certifying date of employment, current designation and salary)
  • Copy of NRIC (front/back)
  • Participant's CV stating about his/her job scope

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Training Department Tel: 6337 9886

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SEAS Training Center @ Park Mall #08-02

Module Title Start Date End Date
Assess Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems 14-Oct-2015 09:00:00 16-Oct-2015 18:00:00