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Start: 06-Apr-2016
End: 08-Apr-2016

WSQ - Apply Management and Economics in Energy Management Industry (a module under SCEM Associate Level)


This competency unit is a 24 hours module. The following provides an overview of the topics covered in this competency unit.


  1. Introduction
  2. Identify roles and functions of personnel in an energy management team
    • Identify objective of forming energy team in organization
    • Identify key steps of effective energy management programme
    • Identify Roles and Responsibilities of key personnel in Energy Team
    • Interpret one's duties and responsibility within energy management organization that he/she works for
    • Identify types of training programmes for energy team to be equipped with skills to perform respective roles effectively
    • Identify relevant institutions / parties that are involved in providing support to energy management industry
    • Identify process to effective energy management programme


  1. Review energy market and regulatory environments
    • Identify Impact of Deregulation of Energy Market
    • Identify Retail Electricity Market after Deregulation of Energy Market
    • Identify Industrial Structure in New Electricity Market and Their roles to energy management
    • Liaise with Relevant Energy Institutions / Parties Relating to Work Requirement
    • Process Grant Application from Relevant Institutions / Parties Relating to Energy Project


  1. Apply engineering economics when carrying energy management work
    • Define Return on Investment (ROI) in term of Energy Management
    • Determine Type of Energy Saving Investment for Organisation
    • Calculate Payback of Initial Energy Investment to Determine Amount of Saving gain from this Investment
    • Evaluate Life Cycle Cost of Energy Investment to Enable Organisation to Make Decision


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Apply Management and Economics in Energy Management Industry 06-Apr-2016 09:00:00 08-Apr-2016 18:00:00