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Start: 16-Aug-2017
End: 18-Aug-2017

Utility-Scale Solar PV Project Feasibility & Development * 21 SCEM PDUs [SolarPower-201708]


* 21 SCEM PDUs and PE PDU points TBA


Technical and Commercial Fundamentals

Commercially competitive prices for solar PV and to a lesser extent onshore wind projects costs have sparked a jump in the share of these two renewable energy sources in power sectors worldwide. Asian countries, especially China, India and Japan have made considerable progress in expanding the role of non-hydro renewables in their energy supply systems with solar PV projects accounting for a significant percentage of the growth in non-hydro renewable projects. 

The workshop will help you to master the feasibility of renewable energy systems, Dr Bart Lucarelli and Mr. Christophe Inglin will focus on methods and data sources for evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of PV solar projects. After introducing the fundamentals of PV, they will provide an overview of the renewable energy programs and policies in various Asian countries and then introduce methods and data sources to determine the technical performance and financial sustainability of solar PV projects. Participants will receive hands-on training in the use of public domain software, known as the System Analysis Model (SAM), CREST and PVWatt, which participants will use during the workshop to assess the technical and financial performance of a 150 MW PV solar project located at a hypothetical site in Asia.

As part of the Solar PV workshop, participants will evaluate the impact of a CO2 emissions tax and other commercial factors on the financial performance of solar PV projects, and will compare the levelised cost of electricity from solar PV, coal and gas power projects. The workshop will introduce participants to methods of technical and financial analysis used for evaluating solar PV projects. Participants will come away from the workshop with a practitioner’s understanding of the technical and cost details of solar PV projects as well as the similarities and differences between a solar PV PPA and a fossil fuel PPA.

This workshop is aimed at all professions and companies involved in developing power projects in the region and will help them make more informed decisions regarding the competitive advantages and weaknesses of solar PV projects relative to base load coal, gas and nuclear projects.

Target Audience

  • Power plant developers and equipment suppliers
  • Power buyers
  • Fuel traders and buyers
  • Financiers
  • Technical consultants and engineers
  • Lawyers, accountants and industry consultants
  • Energy derivative traders and renewable energy analysts and developers
  • Government officials especially managers from State-owned power companies and energy sector regulators

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Utility Scale Solar PV Project Feasibility & Development [SolarPower-2017080 16-Aug-2017 09:00:00 18-Aug-2017 17:00:00