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Start: 08-Jul-2008
End: 08-Jul-2008

Unlocking the potential of solar energy - a bright future for Asia


Mike Splinter is President and CEO, as well as member of the Board of Directors of Applied Materials, the Global leader in Nano-manufacturing technology TM solutions for the electronics industry. Prior to joining applied Materials, Splinter was an executive at Intel Corporation for nearly 20 years.
As a member of the Technology CEO Council, Splinter is helping drive new U.S. federal public policy. He serves on the board of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the board of ASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. and the board of trustees for Santa Clara University. He is also Chair of the Board of directors for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, an organization of CEOs focused on quality of life issues affecting their employees. Internationally, Splinter is a member of the Governors’ Council of the World Economic Forum. He has both bachelor of science and master of science degrees in electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


  • Opportunity for solar to help address growing demand for energy in Asia and around the world
  • Applying technology and manufacturing scale to help lower costs
  • Importance of reforms and incentives to help accelerate the adoption of solar energy

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Unlocking the potential of solar energy - a bright future for Asia 08-Jul-2008 08:00:00 08-Jul-2008 17:00:00