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Start: 15-Feb-2017
End: 17-Feb-2017

Steam and Compressed Air Systems *24 SCEM PDU [SCEMP-201702-SCAS]


A Module under the SCEM Professional Level

** Exam Optional for Non-SCEM Candidates

** SCEM PDUs to be awarded to SCEMs and Professional Engineers


Compressed air and system consume significant energy in industrial plants. In addition, there are many opportunities to recover waste heat from various industrial processes. Therefore, energy efficient design and appropriate operation strategies for the above systems have potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in industrial facilities.

Participants will gain a good fundamental understanding of compressed air and steam processes and be able to identify opportunities for recovery of waste heat.


  • Understand the functions and components of compressed air and steam system
  • Analyze energy performance characteristics and identify potential energy saving opportunities in compressed air and steam system
  • Select heat recovery devices and analyze transfer performance
  • Operate the above systems in an energy efficient manner

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Module Title Start Date End Date
Steam and Compressed Air Systems 15-Feb-2017 09:00:00 17-Feb-2017 18:00:00