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Start: 18-Oct-2016
End: 18-Oct-2016

Solar - The Future Power Generation


This introduction course is to help participants understand the fundamentals of solar PV System and applications of PV systems.  It will develop your knowledge and understanding of the technology, explaining the benefits and energy yield, and the issues that can affect efficiency of systems.  This course will also discuss the ways in which Singapore is moving forward in accommodating the increase in solar PV system installations, and an overview and update on the latest government policies and requirements for these projects.  Participants will also be equipped on the knowledge on how to request system proposals and evaluating offers as well as the knowledge on the levels of payback and the incentive schemes to apply.


  • Types of Solar Systems
  • Solar energy fundamentals
  • Solar Power Market situation
  • PV technology and applications
  • Energy production assessment
  • Economic and payback
  • Government schemes
  • Specifying and evaluating projects
  • Energy production assessment case study

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the different types of Solar cell technologies and learn these can be best selected for different operating environments
  • Understand the possibilities and limitation of Solar PV on buildings
  • Understand the economics and payback of PV Systems
  • Be familiar with the incentive schemes for PV Systems
  • Understand how to specify and evaluate PV project proposals
  • Understand the different Singapore government policies and requirements
  • Looking at the different purchasing options for solar PV system

Trainer: Mr. Christopher Inglin, Co Founder & Managing Director, Energetix Pte Ltd

C-Suite: TBC

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SEAS Training Centre at Park Mall

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Solar - The Future Power Generation 18-Oct-2016 09:00:00 18-Oct-2016 17:00:00