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Start: 23-Aug-2011
End: 11-May-2012

Singapore Certified Energy Manager Course (SCEM) - Professional Level (Building - 10th intake)


The programme envisions an SCEM as:


A competent energy professional equipped to perform technical and managerial functions as a qualifies person in the areas of:

  • Energy Assessments, management and measurements
  • Energy retrofitting services
  • Consultation and procurement services
  • Facility and Energy management
  • Energy engineering works
  • Basic finanicial advisory services for energy efficiency measures and contracting

It is designed as a voluntary professional career upgrading scheme, supporting the national effort to enhance energy efficiency services for business.

Course ModulesCourse Dates     Timing     
Energy Measurement and Appraisal23,24,25 Aug'119am - 6pm
Energy Management and Economics07,08,09 Sept'11 9am - 6pm 
Motor Driven Systems12,13,14 Oct'11 9am - 6pm 
Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System (ACMV)08,09,10 Feb'12 9am - 6pm 
Elective Module (Building Sector)  
Lighting Systems and Building Envelope09,10,11 May'12 9am - 6pm 
Integrative Design for Energy EfficiencyTBC9am - 6pm 
Registeration closes on: 30 June 2011, Thursday (1st come 1st serve basis)
Please submit the duly completed and signed Application Form and Terms & Conditions to SEAS Training Department

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Module Title Start Date End Date
Singapore Certified Energy Manager Course (SCEM) - Professional Level (Building - 10th intake) 23-Aug-2011 09:00:00 11-May-2012 18:00:00