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Start: 12-Jul-2010
End: 15-Jul-2010

Singapore Business Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia


Over the next few years, financially sustainable, investment viable projects worth over USD 24 billion up for grabs in Indonesia.

At the core of this opportunity is the urgent and insistent need for Indonesia to produce another 880 MW of renewable energy to power Indonesia's incredible economic growth. Indonesia' archipelago makes a single grid impossible and multiple power stations are economically unviable to provide the nation with the electricity needed to uplift the rest of the country and provide engines for economic development. Opportunities are ripe for the picking within building and manufacturing efficiency, hydro (land/oceanic),wind, biomass and geothermal sectors coupled with attractive investment opportunities within these project development sectors.

SEAS, with support from IE Singapore, is organising a mission to the Jakarta, Indonesia providing up to 50% reimbursement for travel and accommodation.

This mission will enable opportunities to meet with project developers, local financiers, governement leaders, and companies seeking technology partnerships to facilities the growth of the Sustainable Energy sectors across Indonesia. The government has placed a mandate to provide 90% electrification by 2020 to its distributed poplution of over 230 Million while reducing its Green House Gas Emissions by 26% within the next 10-15 years.


Registration:For more information. please contact Mr Yatin Premchand.
 Tel: 6338 8578

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Jakarta, Indonesia

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