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Start: 26-May-2010
End: 30-May-2010

Singapore Business Mission to Hanoi, Vietnam


Vietnam's Fast growing power hungry market seeking sustainable energy solutions to satisfy its thirst for 4.4GW of energy in the next 20 years. With support from the upcoming Energy Policy, this market is primed to adopt the tecnical capabilities and investment opportunities offered by Singapore based companies. With an aim to secure market potential, the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore is organising a Business Mission to Hanoi, Vietnam.


Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre,

    Hanoi, Vietnam 
Registration:Please fill up the registration form and email to:
 For further enquiries regarding this mission, please contact Mr Yatin Premchand:
 Tel: 6338 8578

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Singapore Business Mission to Hanoi, Vietnam 26-May-2010 08:00:00 30-May-2010 17:00:00