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Start: 09-May-2016
End: 13-May-2016

SECOE - Solar Roadmap Workshop


Course background

Utility electric grids are facing major transformation from traditional networks supplied by large-scale centralised conventional power plants. They must now accommodate growing levels of widely distributed, small scale and non-dispatchable renewable energy generators. It is vital for stakeholders to understand the benefits and challenges of increasing grid-interactive solar penetration levels.

This course will comprehensively discuss the technical, policy & commercial aspects of integrating solar energy in the grid. Case studies will illustrate the impact of solar energy, which is subject to sunshine variability and intermittency. The course includes a site visit to a large rooftop solar plant.

Participants will learn the basic technical and commercial operating mechanisms of electricity grids, and appreciate how grid-interactive solar energy changes these dynamics. They will explore ways to increase solar energy’s share of electricity demand, without destabilising the grid. This knowledge will help them assess vested interests and concerns of relevant parties, whether they work for renewable energy developers, investors, the utility, regulators or policy makers.

Participants will work in teams to draft and present national strategies for solar energy in their respective home countries.

Course outcome

By the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the role of solar energy in curtailing climate change
  • Understand basic grid dynamics, how solar energy affects the grid and how to manage increasing levels of grid-interactive solar energy
  • Understand the roles and interests of relevant parties in the solar energy ecosystem
  • Develop coherent national strategies to increase the adoption of solar energy, covering the manufacturing value chain, project due diligence and finance, capability development and knowhow transfer, appropriate policies and regulations.
  • Present an outline of their national strategies


The Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence, launched in March 2015, aims to build technical capacity in the Asian region and to develop markets for the private sector to develop viable and bankable RE & EE projects in the Developing Member Countries of the ADB. The main work streams identified focuses on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Energy Access as well as the Asian Clean Energy Summit. The overall objective is to accelerate public private partnerships as well as increase the bankability of RE & EE projects.

The Centre of Excellence serves as a hub for the region and a focal point for policy makers, technology providers, project developers, and financiers to discuss, collaborate and establish correct policies for each country to ensure the ease of implementing RE in the various countries in Asia by bringing thought leaders as well as implementers in the area of renewable energy together for structured programs, trainings, roundtables as well as high level policy and technology dialogues. The Centre aims to bridge the gaps and provide a neutral learning environment in Singapore to participants from all over Asia-Pacific supported by the ADB and IE Singapore. The centre is managed by Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore.

Course Fee: $1,500 (non-member), $1,200 (member)

Who should attend

Professionals from regulatory and policy making bodies, government agencies, financiers and insurers, project developers and investors, consultants and legal advisors.


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Tina Seah at 6338 8578, email:

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Module Title Start Date End Date
SECOE - Solar Roadmap Workshop 09-May-2016 08:00:00 13-May-2016 17:00:00