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Start: 21-Jul-2016
End: 21-Jul-2016

SCEM Networking Session


Building fresh air intake in Singapore has high levels of heat and humidity which the ACMV system must work towards removing moisture and cooling.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) for buildings is an important area of operational focus next to indoor temperature to ensure that occupants are able to work in a clean and comfortable environment while ensuring sufficient levels of oxygen.  This is an energy intensive process that must be optimized.

To further reduce the heat load on the ACMV system, the amount of heat infiltration via radiation through windows should be reduced as much as possible.  Singapore sits along the equator and has a high level of heat infiltration into buildings.  Energy efficiency will be improved the amount of heat is reduced entering the building via radiation or conduction.


This seminar is to bring SCEMs together to network and to discuss the topic and to know more on IAQ and on the reduction of heat entry through radiation through windows.

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SEAS HQ at Cleantech One

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SCEM Networking Session 21-Jul-2016 13:00:00 21-Jul-2016 18:00:00